Blessings. May you feel the Elven spirit within you, the magical infinite space of divinity and from which all that appears to be, takes form.
The unspeakable has spoken; this clear vibration asking us to come into alignment, to listen to the voices of our ancestors, to listen to the voices of our children; To hear the song of our family in the oceans and mountains and sky.
Meditation can help us to live with humans, to step away from the noise that consumes everyday life, to place blessings on those who request them, to feel the essence, the spring of life that flows through all.
Whatever method of mediation you choose does not matter.  Sit quietly where you are and close the eyes and breathe. Allow what comes through to be spoken whether by singing or feeling the soft breeze playing upon your hair or hearing the sounds around you.
If we can take the moments today to create a sacred place for mediation; no matter how small, it your desk, in your home, or out of doors, it will matter to the world at large, to cool the noise, soothe the cries, bring harmony.
There, your sacred  place is where you to connect to the higher vibrations and messages of solace, wisdom that is within and without.
When you meditate, hold your lips in a smile.  It will bring finer energy within and without.  When you mediate it brings harmony into the world; your light.
Thank you.
Here is a video on how to meditate if this is help to you  mediation video