Welcome to Elven World

❧ And, despite what you may have been told,
it is a true story.

Thousands of years ago, the Elven lived on Earth. Remnants of their great civilization can be found just under the blanket of green upon the Hill of Tara in Ireland. They were called the “Tuatha de Danann” which, in Irish, means children of the goddess Danu, the Earth mother.

Over the centuries, they came to be called gods and goddesses because of their magical feats sometimes glimpsed by humans. You can read countless legends of gods and goddesses who could appear at will, travel through time, shape shift and materialize anything desired.

As legend tells, the Tuatha de Danann disappeared suddenly from Earth, leaving behind only a vibrant mist sparkling with the many colors of a rainbow. Many say they disappeared through the portals, known today as the fairy mounds, atop the Hill of Tara. They traveled to another land, Tir an n’Og, the Land of Eternal Youth. There, they built their castles of lava rock, and from there traveled to new dimensions throughout the cosmos.
What is little known is that the descendants of these magical people remain on Earth today.

It is you who carry the divine blood of kings and powerful goddesses versed in all of the magical ways.  Magic is not taught in books. It is not taught with a wand. It is not learned from wizards with tall hats, or activated by a  a sprinkling of glitter. It is passed along to you from another dimension. When you listen; when you develop your ability to hear beyond the limits of the human world, will you begin to receive this lesson.

The gods and goddesses of the Elven World will teach you within these pages, as they tell the story of how you came to Earth and the many freedoms you possess. Learn the name of every one; Lugh, Ogme, BeChuille, Aine and more – because they will speak to you. Learn their ways, and come to know them through the light, color, sound, sensation, and thought presented in this story.

May you begin the journey of regaining your magical abilities; may you find many friends and teachers along the way. And may you shed your divine light upon the world.

You are legend. You are divine.

Welcome to Elven World.

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Testimonials and Reviews

Elven World Book I

…A magical world of love & adventure

“I am a busy professional who seldom gets the pleasure of a good read. So when I get to read for pleasure, it has to be special. “Elven World” was special. It took me to a magical world with love, danger, adventure and intrigue. It almost felt real. Maybe it was!”

KI, Arizona

Modern Celtic Mythology

of the Tuatha de Danann

“Delightful. I found that I know the names and attributes of the Tuatha and Fomorian much better than I did previously.”

JL, Colorado

Elven Message

…of environmentalism and hope

“There’s romance, intrigue, and some great messages about environmentalism and faith/hope. Highly recommended- looking forward to the sequel!”

SA, Florida