Book Reviews


“‘Really a unique, adventurous book including many of the Irish Faerie gods/goddesses and a really relevant interesting story…..starts in the Hill of Tara with Tuatha de Danann (high court of the Irish Faeries) and moves to the Redwoods of Northern California and Portland Oregon.

“I am a busy professional who seldom gets the pleasure of a good read. So when I get to read for pleasure, it has to be special. “Elven World” was special. It took me to a magical world with love, danger, adventure and intrigue. It almost felt real. Maybe it was!” KI, Arizona

“Delightful. I found that I know the names and attributes of the Tuatha and Fomorian much better than I did previously.” – JL, Colorado

“A romantic adventure, the tale follows genuine mythological characters as they battle their long-time enemies, the legendary, hideous Fomorians, and then learn that the real enemy is not who or what they thought! I won’t give away the surprise, but the true enemies turn out to be highly relevant to today’s concern with living a “green” lifestyle in harmony with the Earth. It’s a great read.” – LD, California

“Would really love a blessing for my son Anthony and me as I continue to homeschool him….he is 14!! He is almost finished with your book and LOVES it!!!” – KR

“I have always been a voracious reader. I believe I started reading at the age of two. I devoured every book I could get my pudgy little hands on. I followed my very young beautiful and slightly impatient mother around asking her… ‘Mommy,what’s this word?’ over and over again until I knew what I was reading. At the age of five, and six I was climbing into closet to get the books my mother kept up there, as I was running out of my reading materials.

“Books have been my friends, my companions, my teachers, mentors, and my home. I would travel to work with two, just in case I finished one. I learned that during the journeys I took in books, there were lessons to be learned, and I began really expanding my knowledge, and then I learned to research and investigate everything, and I do mean everything in the books, and so my quest for knowledge grew, and so did my questions, and so I learned, and my viewpoints were broadened.

“I learned to keep an open mind and not dismiss anything, but to research and learn, and believe what my heart told me was true.

“It has not led me astray. I’ve read so many books in my life that at times, I take a mini book break, writing instead, concentrating on drawing or withdrawing and vegging from all the information my brain stores… then a book comes along and starts me up… lights the fire in my soul, reminds me that I came here for a purpose.

“I am here to bring to the world, not take from it. I read such a book this week … ‘Elven World’ by T.E. Locke. In a world that is starting to turn back to the spiritual, a world where books like ‘The Secret’ and ‘The Four Agreements’ are on the bestseller list it is apparent… we as a people are ‘looking’ for answers, light, hope, reason, our authentic selves.. and this book helped me remember who I am, I am a creature of light, of hope, of love, and part of this universe, and this world which we are sorely neglecting.

“If you are a crystal, indigo, HSP (highly sensitive person), pantheistic in nature at all, if you feel kin to the trees, the sky, animals, each other, if you can feel energy then this book will touch your spirit and be a reminder that you are not alone on the road less traveled.

“It inspired me so much to continue sharing what I learn on my journey to my perfected temple. It has let me know I am not alone in my endeavors to shine, and to know that we are all connected to each other, humans, animals, spiritual, all of us.. energy… What Haiti is going through right now, we too feel… and experience, one way or another! Five stars for this book that reminded me of who I am.”  – SS, Boston

“It was such an honor to read this magical book. It awakened a new sense of hope and purpose to life, as I followed the Tuatha De Dannan through their journeys, bringing the old ways back to life. It helped me to discover my true self and see the beauty and magic in the world, and helped me to see the possibilities of a brighter future ahead, when the Fae and the Elves will once again imbue their magic upon the Earth and live in harmony with man. It was a spell-binding read, and had a difficult time putting it down, and was sad when I had finished, am looking forward to the next book!!” – Sidhewillow  “My son is 14 and is almost finished with your book and he LOVES it!!!” – KR