Elven prayer to Aine the Goddess of Love–T.E. Pelton
Let you touch the crown
Of my children’s head
So they will grow strong
Your magic dust
Cover my lips
To attract my lover’s kiss
Stay the hand of he who fells the trees
Let him discover
A way he can work within your fair garden
Steady the hand
Of one who plants seed
Near his home and in the fields
Let the sound of your ecstasy
Fill the void to the corners of the Earth
Let the pink rose blossom
The fruit ripen on the tree
Ready for me to taste you
Feed the water of my soul’s delight
Be in every budding flower
Touch me with the wisdom
Of every morning’s dew
Oh come into my world
Fill me with the essence of your love
I will join you
In each budding flower
Lifting my face to the sunlight
Falling softly upon my sweet skin
Opening for more