“Its hard to maintain my fresh, enthusiastic outlook when other people’s viewpoints are so negative and mean towards me”
“Its hard when other people yell at you and tell you that you’re crazy and live in a fantasy world.”
As the words fall from my lips I look back.  Wait a minute. Who’s judging who?
Because it is painful, I am judging.  Because it is not the way I enjoy experiencing life, I am judging. Because, essentially, “they” don’t agree with “me” and my way of life; Because they don’t talk to me or treat me the way I like to be treated.
And I’ve found myself saying “well ‘those people’  – the ones who steal, lie, betray my trust or have affairs, those are the ones who are going to have to live with what they have done to me or others.
Maybe they do and maybe they don’t. But who am I to say what is or should be the result of their thoughts or deeds?
As soon as you are assigning a label such as “wrong” or right” to someone, something or even some statement it can turn on you by way of making you unhappy, bringing you sorrow.
Often spoken of is Compassion and Unconditional Love of the Masters. We do not often use these words because they can be confusing:  You are a composite of your many lifetimes of experience and because you come into manifestation in this very moment for your own purpose of discovery –  you will feel.
And so this other person is also manifesting energy forms in his own way, for his own experience, for his own feelings, for his own discovery.
They are not perfect because perfect does not exist. And who would want it to?
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