It is summer and time to celebrate Aine (prounced “Aan- ya”) the Tuatha de Danann Goddess of Love.
In Elven World, The Restoration of the Tuatha de Danann Kingdom, Aine is the daughter of Lugh and his mortal lover. Her journey and blessing open the doors to freedom for the Tuatha de Danann on Earth in the present time.
Aine is also the heroine of the upcoming sequel, Elven World: Children of the New Earth.
Irish Mythology and Legend
In mythological legend Aine was the Goddess who created abundance for all that grows upon the Earth; she feeds not only our body, but our soul with loveliness.  She is goddess of prosperity, protector of women, animals and the environment, the essence of growth and source of the flower’s scent and grace.
It is said she would appear sometimes running magically as a red mare through the meadows at sunset. And she has appeared to many as “the lady of the lake.”
Many believe Aine assumed forms in Nature and took a number of mortal lovers, creating a magical race on Earth.
Needless to say, Aine is a Goddess whose intense beauty, femininity and sexuality was a threat to those who wished to wipe out the Celtic way of life.
In the time of cultural suppression Aine was transformed into “The Faery Queen” or “Queen of the Faeries.”
We know her most famously as Titiana in Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare.
She is celebrated on the Summer Solstice when torch lit processions may be held in her honor. She is praised in midsummer festivals in song and dance.
Our Blessing and Calling To the Goddess Aine
Touch the crown of my children’s head
So they will grow strong
Let your magic dust cover my lips
To attract my lover’s kiss
Stay the hand of he who would fell a tree
Let him discover instead, a way
He can work within
Your Faire garden
Steady the hand of one who plants seed
In his home, in the fields
Let the sound of your ecstasy fill the void
To the corners of the Earth
Let the pink rose blossom,
The fruit ripen on the tree
Ready for me to taste you
Feed the water of my soul’s delight
Join you in every budding flower
Awakening to the light
Touch me with the wisdom
Of each morning’s dew
Lift my face to the sun
Falling softly on my sweet skin
Opening for more
Blessings from Elven World