If you are reading this, you are Tuatha de Danann, tribe of the goddess Danu. You are Elven, beings of Light, golden; children of the stars and Earth as One. – T.E. Pelton, Elven World Mythologies
We are living the legend of now.
Opening our hearts in this now. Radiant like the sun.
And breathing, taking it all in, refreshing it and then letting go of that breath.
Air is the unseen we all share, where we go when we are completely one with all life and death. Take it in. And let it go with the next breath. This is our rhythm of returning to source.
Contemplation of such things is the beauty of being here in human form
You are being asked to strengthen your connection to the Natural world at this time, to restore the connection to your heart space, feel at home beyond the four walls of this dimension.
We are beings of light, our magic is love, our appreciation is peace.
Know that the love you give is a drop that will soon be an ocean to heal our planet.
You are the children of the New World. You are legend. You are divine.
– T.E. Locke