Recently I have been researching the next book in the series “Children of the new Earth” So I have had take some time to enjoy children, talking with them, observing them and being with them. At first I thought that these new children will be so much different than myself, that they will not want to be friends and I will be relegated to the “adult” category. Having cared for children without both parents, I was used to being shunned as an adult. Anyway, as I traveled to Ireland and since I have been back home, I have been finding and meeting children, teens and young people that are becoming my friend in a more magical way, and our relationship is different too. It is as if we are finding each other energetically, greeting each other in wisdom and knowing we are on the same path. It is the same feeling we have with the people here at Elven World, who have all found their way here. Feel so blessed to know you all. Love and Light,
TE Locke
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