Blessings and compassion from the Elven for all things great and small…
Moments ago we received word Captain William Kruse, unable to clean the BP oil spill and despondent, committed suicide.
If you don’t already know this, effective biological organisms would clean the spill.  It is undoubtedly known about by BP, financial and environmental institutions to one degree or another.  Whatever the reason it is not in use: confusion, resistance, lack of infrastructure – it can be solved  – maybe not in a minute – but reaching for this solution it can usher in new methods urgently needed.  Biological organisms (enzymes) is not a well established technology for this purpose but has been used and can be developed.
Humans during crisis, especially, can be very confused, traumatized, stuck into scarcity, disorganized and dispersed.  There is a lack of infrastructure to deal with the spill and many other issues.  Knowing and concentrating on how “they” (whomever “they” are) in BP only care about their PR, or are greedy may well be true – on one level.  But the majority of people working for BP are not evil.
I know it is not easy to hear this, but our answer lies in our Compassion.
What will get more results (and may be the only thing that gets results) is to focus on the individuals who comprise BP and accept them: wanting to do the right thing, trying to organize and plan real environmental solutions.  However small this desire may seem right now, your attention will make it grow.
Yes, I know this seems the exact opposite of what we should do.
Remember that complete intolerance is the South end of the same stick of which Compassion is the Northern end. Without intolerance of the situation, you could not have the compassion needed to reach out and make a change, physically or metaphysically. (Both intolerance and compassion must exist to solve this issue.)
The intolerance for lack of change is very great now and won’t let up until Change happens.
So what can we do this moment?
We can envision what we want to occur: Actual individuals with real lives and real connections, taking up a real solutions such as effective microorganisms.
Then we take that image of solution through the annals of anger, hate and resistance, confusion and lack of organization, envisioning points of sanity on the line where it can take hold….We can hold our attention on the solution for a minute.
And hopefully one minute is about how long it took you to read this.
We are able to produce energy: with our minds, but more, with our hearts.  This condensed energy becomes a manifestation.
Its not easy to do this kind of work but it is the work that is needed, proven to create a result and we CAN DO IT.
“At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want” – Lao Tzu
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