There is no guidance that is not your own choice because your choices are all blessed, we are honoring your sense of choice. At the same time there are many here like you who have come at this time for the joy of living in this powerful time and for the journey of focusing together to balance with, for and within Earth energy. So you might say the importance of focusing energy through meditations, developing your skills of listening (psychic, it is sometimes called) not for speaking to the dead in particular but for development of focus oneness, harmony, joy within you and across to others. Your job is not to change others but to focus on the harmony that does exist, so it will grow. It is often thought that something has to be “done” about the “state of the world” when in fact the Earth knows as a wise being herself and you are part of Earth, her child. So by listening so to speak to the voice within calling you to feel peace, harmony bliss joy or by whatever name you call it, you are doing that for which you are here.
If there is some calling you feel is an expression of your love or any reason or excuse to express love, then by the same token, it is, it is your calling….
This is the way of the Elven, the way of listening to the divine harmony above and below to the East, West, North and South, within and without beyond and near — the song is the same here from your voice as is the song of the sun whirling in the heavens, Hear it open your voice to sing it So beautiful!
originally posted Nov 27, 2009