Blessings; May you feel the Elvensong within, dance to the rhythm of the sun and hear our voices who speak from your heart space. We are Tuatha de Danann, the children of Earth and the heavens. –T. E. Pelton
Blessing for Dear SidheWillow,
You asked who are the Elven? Where are we? And how do you find us?
The Elven race has existed farther back in history than any of the stories you have heard. The Elven race is here on Earth today. When you read Elven World mythologies you will see the message and expression of the Elven in our presence.
In recent centuries the Elven have been regarded as tiny balls or shafts of light. And they are, in fact: those who live in the forces of Nature and in every reflection of Nature around you. This is why you can hear and see messages to you from the Otherworld in your perception of Nature: the bird in flight, the dog, the rabbit, the bear – each are telling you what you need to hear in that moment. The wind as it whispers through the grass and lights upon the petals of a flower in the woods: each of these are divine expressions of the Elven spirit.
You should know, however, that the Elven race has been present and their wisdom available to us here on Earth for much longer than the recent centuries in which they were expressed as tiny reminders of our magical selves. The Elven are in fact magnificent beings who have lived at various times in this dimension, and whose source is beyond this dimension in the Otherworld.
The tradition and legends of the Tuatha de Danann you may learn in Elven World, (the book). These legends are based on real beings than did exist on Earth and which you can study and find they had a home at one time which was high upon the hill of Tara in Ireland.
But the Elven race is even more profound in that they are indeed Masters. Humans have called them gods and goddesses, and though these terms are only labels as with any name, they are Masters. They have developed their wisdom and skills to a higher level, and know all their magic and skill can be learned. It is hoped that this wisdom will become manifest among the people of Earth.
You may wish to connect with the vibrational essence of each of the gods and goddesses who you can call by name and to which they will certainly respond. You can do this by any means of your desire, though I have written poems and blessing to help you in the name of each one you can enjoy at You should know the Elven come to our world in service. You should also know that they are your ancestors, whether traced directly or not because their wisdom is passed spiritually, telepathically and even deep within each cell of your body.
These beings, so to speak, are in fact archetypes or the aspects of your soul. Their stories are told to show you aspects of yourself and to help you through times of life and provide a connection for you to these great spirits who provide guidance and most of all, love; a love that is distinctly and only for you and is always present at any moment of your request.
If you can imagine a diamond, each of the gods and goddesses are facets you can view and admire of one magnificent whole. You can connect to the vibrational essence of each and in your focus upon this essence you will draw it unto yourself.
The Elven race exists in the past, future and present for there is no time except by our decision that time would be to hold us in place (so too many things don’t happen at once!). 😉 These beings absolutely exist in the present moment. However, they exist in dimensions beyond the third. They are Masters of illusion or the ability to guide and control the physical universe according to their wishes (magic). And yet as highly evolved beings, these are in no way using magic for egotistical ends. They will speak to you telepathically and you can know them because they are good. They speak only truth as you know it.
“Your blood is blood of Elven Kings…” – Elven World
Ask yourself if you are Elven and the answer you receive is the one.
Blessings in the heart space.