YES!!! I throw up my arms and call to the sky.
The past is not the present. I am here, now, living, loving, admiring with the eyes of the gods in that divine place between the heavens and the ardent, fiery center of the Earth.
I see the white heron rising from the bush and appreciate her breath, strength, majesty and sense of adventure.
I have vanquished the hideous; rendering the wicked unable because my sword of light is Love.
I am learning to wield its power with ever-greater depth and fortitude; polishing it to shine and protect.
I am joyful with a sense of belonging that comes from the best of humanity – that connection with friends who inspire and comfort in moments of quiet passion.
This is the Golden Light of my Fellows – You!
I have ended decades of suffering as enlightenment flows to me from within
I am willing to kill the façade of truth to let the true light in which is known by her goodness.
I am beyond the limit of my body, my name or personality or any boundaries of the third dimension, receiving guidance as Nature, as the Fae and Elven that imbue the inanimate with sparkling life energy and by every name which she is known. I who am One with all that is, was and will be, beyond time and space.
I am touched throughout in an infinite ocean of light.
T.E. Pelton (Tara)