The Elven Bless me while I sleep. And surrounding me are my immediate ancestors, watching over me, in the way of my people, in the Celtic tradition.
While I sleep they look down on me and comfort me. Holding me in a cradle almost of their celestial hands, my grandmother’s face nears mine for a kiss. Each night they protect and guide me and thank me for my eyes that give me eyes to see the flowers, the sky, the animals and the faces of those I love.
These are the angels that surrounds us in every moment. The light ones who are there always, who you can hear in the night when the veils between worlds are thin and who wish nothing of you except to care for you like a new born.
These are our ancestors who protect and defend us, silently love us, just as we keep our seedlings and allow them to grow. Here we are always safe, always cared for and infinitely loved.
Imagine that today our immediate ancestors are those who lived not so long ago; in times near when Count Basie played and the Empire State Building and Hoover’s Damn were built, these times not too far back in the memory of our modern culture. Looking farther back into the past not too long ago with covered wagons and barns lit with excitement of the music on Saturday nights and filled with mewing cats and mooing cows in the daytime.
Lifetimes of hardship and pain fade away like any other memory that is lost in a pool of suffering, only those memories worth remembering seem to stay. Memories of beautiful days looking out over the bright green meadow watching white horses, so bright and fast it seems as if they will take to flight, days when I caught the eyes of a man; eyes so blue they were crystals.
Yes, days when each moment is alive with light and sounds and color. These are the times worth remembering. And if you I look around, these days are here today. It is purely my perception that makes them so luscious and rich and free.
My ancestors tell me to be at peace: hold me and love me soothing away any worries and telling me I have their protection so I can simply be: see that they may see and taste as they may taste, touch as they will express their love and fill my lungs with air as they may feel the breath of living, the color of each flower tip.
Existing in a place of peace they are with me part of us and sending each of us forward to taste life’s adventure’s and yet never to feel alone.
Blessings on this day of April 14, 2010