Tribal. Rhythmic. Living Art.  Faerieworlds is an experience in modern myth-making, magic and ceremony created spontaneously­. It is living art in color, song, costume and dance.
The vibration of the space created at Mount Pisgah in Eugene Oregon for Faerieworlds, is formed with lights that bless the circle, establishing the sacred space before the ceremonies begin.   A stage with enormous wings goes up, waiting for the artists who grace it with sounds in a style resonant with otherworldliness, rich with elements of earth, air, fire and water expressed through Celtic drum, harp, cello and long trance notes sung by women with sinewy voices.
While many of the visitors and vendors are visiting from Renaissance or middle ages festivals, the vibration here is mythical. The magic you find here is not slight of hand, but a tentative step toward real magic, a space that is being reborn purely from common memory, from heart.  One that is much, much older and shamanistic.
Costumes are professionally done with care to every intricate detail, any one of these designs being the product of talented artists, imagination and abandon. Winged creations in bright flowing colors, belly jewels and body paint, they express the visions of the faery that come to us, shimmering, ethereal, other worldly.  Watching them dance in the faerie circles, and parade through the walking “streets” is watching living, breathing art.
It is mind-blowing to see this creation, this art form take place before your eyes engaging your participation. The line between the artist and the audience fades and we all become the art itself–expressing to the divine source, our message of appreciation and delight.  At one point, dancers whose belts are harnessed in the trees, float down among us in their sparkling, sinewy expression, reminding us that magic is right here all the time; it is you who open to its perception.
The most common words you hear spoken here at Faerieworlds are: “amazing”, “wonderful”, “love”, “heart.”   The air contains more than oxygen, it sparkles and holds faeriedust that makes everyone mellow and relaxed, respectful of all life, each other and the universe.  I am enjoying my friends many of who have been named for the natural world or to honor their totem animals such as: Sparrow, Raven and Rain.
A friend of mine, Spring, has been taking photos of Faerieworlds for many years, (I’m hoping she’ll post them up on soon!). She captures the space in the lens right at dusk, when the light of the camera and the light of the sun are in such a way to show the faeries to our human eyes; which has been called the time when the “veil between the world is thin.”  Her photos show tens of thousands of “faerie orbs”: white or gently colored orbs that look like bubbles fill the air, rising up from the stage and gently floating and sparkling all around the place.
If you believe in faeries now, this place is as close as you’ll get to “home” that exists on Earth.  If you weren’t sure about the faeries before this experience, no one will convince you, only welcome you into our world to participate in this spontaneous praise to the gods and goddesses of the Earth.

Undoubtedly, as you dance into the wee hours of the morning with tribal drums playing as you watch the sun rise, you too will know what it feels like to have been with the faery and my guess is, you too, will keep this precious experience close to your heart, as a source of inspiration, a feeling of intense community and love that you can hold in your totems, art, jewels or crafts you take home with you, keeping you close to the faery all year long, until at last, it is time for Faerieworlds again.  See you there!