Why are the Elven or Nature Spirits so relevant in our world today?
What place is there in modern society for Irish Mythology, Druidism, a belief or understanding of the Faery, the Tuatha de Danann, or the study and practice of Magick?
Why is the Vatican protesting Avatar, a blockbuster movie about crushing the Na’vi Nature Cult? The Vatican’s reasoning is that Avatar places reverence for Nature on par with reverence for God.
If Nature isn’t God … if God isn’t snowflakes, sunsets and oceans…Are we actually living in the same universe?
Why is it that Pagans, Nature Lovers and Elven have to defend ourselves? Why is it Highly Sensitive People have a “disease”? Why are “Indigo” and “crystal children “spooky because they can read minds”?

Return to Shamanism

Probably because it’s different and that makes something exciting, weird and controversial enough to get on the news.
But the real reason is because the movement to return to our natural, more shamanistic human expression has grown tremendously. It is growing so fast it cannot be stopped this time.

This is our regaining of our ability to communicate directly with the Nature/nature goddess, to make magick within the web of all life directly from Thought. Some call it neo-Paganism, the return of the culture that was snapped away with the suppression of the Church hundreds of years ago. It is indeed.
But it is much, much more. And it comes without “justice” for those wrongdoings, without fear, without demanding reparations.

Clearing a Magickal Path to Bliss

It’s more than recovery from our crushed spirit by the insistence that God isn’t in Nature. It is more than ripping of divine Nature/the Goddess from all aspects of culture, destruction of the feminine and the magickal as midwives, herbalists and medicine women were burned at the stake and with them, their great wisdom of the natural world.
It is more than the end of the world.
It’s more than a protest to the “all hail the materialistic culture that raises machines and the rational mind to the level of religion” and disregard for harmony with Nature in nearly every form of business, industry and commerce as an integral aspect of “modern” cultural fiber. One that is expressed in our art as pieces of trash torn from any sense of aesthetic harmony and music so harsh its rhythms create heartbeats that kill.
It’s more then the fact that these elements put us into millenniums of dark ages separated from Nature’s divine proportions and harmony. If our technological advances can be attributed to this disconnection, there is at least one vibrant blessing in it. (Or they are the only form of creativity allowed in such a rigid scheme.)
Whether you agree with me as to this view of history of the past 2,500 years, it is still not even close to what is the real reason the Elven/magical Nature Spirits are so relevant today.
Not even close.

Elven Phenomenon

What is occurring now is not a protest, it is not a pendulum swing: it is not a response to seeing things go in one direction too far for too long. It is not war. It is not an argument to chatter or debate over, and it is not a threat. It is a phenomenon and one that is beyond the ability of a single- dimension-oriented mind to conceive.
It is a divine experience that we all share in this moment now. It is here opening to bless you, we ask that you approach unafraid.
It is the birth of something completely new.
It is the return of the Elven, the Nature Spirits, the vibration, resonance that has certainty in itself. You cannot turn away from the sound of its voice or ignore the message.
It is the birth of dimensions beyond the paper doll world of drawing the cosmos on a page or even expressing it in words. Like viewing the world as round instead of flat. It is a dimension beyond what you see with your eyes and vibration that cannot be understood in terms of what we currently consider human.
And yet it is human. Or what will be human in a very short time.
When we speak of the return of the Elven we are speaking of the entrance of new concepts, new ideas, new feelings, new vibrations that are higher, thinner, more pure, more beautiful, dimensions beyond the material world.
When we speak of the Elven and their children living among us, we are speaking of the concepts, beingness and way of life, influencing what we have now, bringing with it a return of harmony with the higher essence that is the Natural flow of things and sense of balance. And the restoration of the ability to operate at higher dimensions, travel in time and more that many still consider “magick”.
And when we speak of Gods, Goddesses and their expression in Nature, we are speaking of the divine in You.
Embrace us; we are Love.
And we are here to stay.
(c) TE Locke, 2010. For more information go to www.elvenearth.com www.elvenworld.org or join us: at www.elvenworld.ning.com