Now is the time for you, which is we, for all of us to be in the direction of peace and the spread this message out to the world in every possible form. We have sent many messengers, some who were able to reach into the world, though often their messages have been adulterated. This is why, at this time, we are communicating directly to each of you on a multi-dimension level– communicating directly–as your ancestors have done in the past. This is a communication directly to you at a spiritual level, or in your words, telepathically.
Whatever helps you to focus on this message, or better said, to align with this message is good.  What is helpful to many to hear our song for you, is to be in harmony with Nature, to listen to your body’s messages and to speak from the heart.  This sound and vibration can be put into many packages. It can be a blessing, put into song. It can be the dance that you do each morning upon awakening. It can be the watering of your plants, feeding of your animals, washing of your body and clothes. It can be the voice that speaks to your children in solace, it is the sound of the silence as you drink water to cool and soothe you. It is the song of the children who are new, it is the song of the dying because they are so close to the light.
There is not some evil in the world that we are trying to prevent, although there is a vibration that seeks to do harm. Our best and only defense is the mind itself–the teaching of the mind to stand and listen to guidance radiating upon you.
The truth is you cannot help but listen it is your natural state of being at all times.  So in a way you can say it is you are listening to yourself, we are not separate from you, we are the Ascended Masters which are you, here , now in this moment, in this wondrous song of life.
Blessings on this day Sept 4, 2010

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