Oh you beloved happy bear! We are so happy to meet you on this channel or web of experience. You are so full of joy it brings such pleasure to see you playing, struggling sometimes, working things out, making things go better because of you.
We want to tell you that the pressure you may be feeling, the sense of anxiousness or even light pressure, is natural for this time and place as you are located in this scheme of the cosmos, the earth’s magnetic forces and changes and other vibrations you are experiencing, are all very real and this is why you can feel them tangibly with your body.
We hope you can stand back and admire yourself as we do when we look through to see you in your life experience.
Your sense of humor is one of your many unique blessings and sense of lightness brings relief to your patients and all others you touch.
You, as with many at this time, are becoming more sensitive as you go through the changes of Now. The only answer for this is to acknowledge and honor it continue on your path which will be more clear as you progress.
If you are involved with computers… we ask you if you might continue in this area especially in your cartoons… drawings… or funny shows that bring laughter, smiles and some relief to your readers in the sense of release and relief in their brightness. Like a happy red balloon that wants to fly to the sky.
Thank you for your work to assist in Nature, we are listening each time you call, we are more beautiful each time you call our name,
Blessings! The Light Elven