How to Live with Humans; Tender Distraction

Blessings. May you feel the Elven spirit within you, the magical infinite space of divinity and from which all that appears to be, takes form. So I’m sitting at dinner party and this lady is going on (and on) saying things like “I don’t want to complain but…” explaining that her co-worker is driving her nuts. Details are flying off her head looking like backward snowflakes (they fall upwards!) because I am not listening, just watching this strange energy pattern. Beneath her disharmony is an intense reaching; searching, grasping for something. Solace, I believe. Sometime humans (or the human aspect of ourselves) will become stuck in their minds; stuck in their heads: momentarily or, sadly, for some long periods; even a lifetime. These humans can churn negative thoughts and feelings like butter (on and on). Light distraction will change the subject for your benefit, sure, but will also pull the person out of the automatic reaction and do him good. Remember to be gentle otherwise they end up more upset and will possibly scream, cry, blame you, become violent unexpectedly or shock you. Remember that, you mischievous ones, be tender with humankind! You want to achieve a gentle surprise that pops them out of their minds: an unexpected motion, perhaps something funny, to distract. Get them to notice something in Nature, something funny on YouTube, interesting facts or compliment them, or just be sparkling and entertaining yourself so they will focus on your instead of what is in their head. All humans like things that sparkle and it is good for them, too. This also works on yourself if you are half-human: you can try controlling your “over-intellect” with a tender distraction.

Elven Song Blessing for John R.

John, your name means Blessed One––and you are. There is a deep sense of learning in your vibration coming from your intense desire to take from this life all the wisdom you can – like a humming bird suckling the sweet flowers. The passion with which you approach life is more than just the pain you feel It is our eyes, ears, soul and we thank you with abundant open heart embracing all-ness of spirit and thank you oh, Blessed One for your experience that is shedding light and wisdom upon this Earth and the planets and the universe. It is not necessary to understand the “reasons” in “mind” for all of this. It is not necessary to sign a name to it. It is not necessary to call it by a title. For you see, the Eagle does not give itself a name nor does the wolf, nor the flower or the sky, sea, rain or river. The act of you being here is enough to fill us with abundant joyfulness just knowing you. Just watching you in your curiosity for all things new and fresh; watching through your eyes as you look out over the valleys, as you breathe in meditation deep. All is well. Teach others by your presence, by your overflowing love. Your vibration, your Elven Song is unique, valuable and heard by us. Thank you. Until we meet again.... If you would like to receive a blessing from the Elven, please contact TE Locke at Discover the legend in you. - elvenworld

Elven Blessings, Dedications and Magical Messages

Pleasure to write for you all. "Elven World" the book, is  being released in a couple of weeks.  We want to do some thing very special for our readers.  Each book purchased live or at the Elvenworld site: www. may be accompanied by a special Elven blessing and dedication to you, the reader.  This is a message just for you from the spirit of the Elven and the Fae who have provided all of the inspiration for this book.  It is suggested for the most personalized message, we receive the opportunity to know your unique tone or resonance so this can be responded to in kind with our message. This can be most easily expressed in a personal message or request or in your profile at the elvenworld social networking site  Please join our Elven group at including your interests, your website if you have one. (You do not need to include a picture or any personal or contact information, remember- this is a public site.)  To obtain the book please go to  Be sure to include your special request for Elven dedication on the form.  Thank you. Until we meet again.