Introductory Poem

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The Tuatha and their leader Lugh
Once roamed the Emerald Isle
Until one day the mortals came
Their souls without a smile
They could not hear the music
Of Nature’s symphony
A harmony that’s only
For those who do believe
So magic in a moment left
The Earth that very day
When the Tuatha dé Danann disappeared
From the land where they longed to stay
As fast as a blink of your eye
They could not be found
For they’d traveled to an Other World
Far, far underground
For thousands of years they lived
In bright caverns under the sea
In castles covered with lava rock
Their souls longing to be free
Tír na nÓg, the Land of Youth
Where purple rivers flow
Another dimension, a way of life
With magic they’ll always know
Beneath the waves there was no chance
To taste the Earth’s blue sky
So the enchantment was forever sealed
Never again could they fly
In time their magic faded
Their hopes and spirits dimmed
Their lovely world turned dull and grayed
So it has been said
You may have heard of them in stories
As Faeries or as Elves
But, Oh, my friend, you do not know
The truth behind themselves
Far from garden ghosts or winged lights
Or sparkling apparitions
The Elven people are alive today
It’s not a superstition
Where and how and who are they?
Questions you may ask
The answers now I’ll give you
That’s my very task
It all began some time ago
When Lugh the Shining One
Took action though he wasn’t sure
Of how it could be done
So here is his adventure
With his friends today
The restoration of a mystic kingdom
Of the Elven and the Fae
The story of the Tuatha dé Danann
A romance of the soul
How the blood coursing through your veins
Is Elven blood that makes you whole