Elven World – Chapter 23 – Beginning

Maria stirred.  Her eyelids fluttered and her lips regained their red color. She opened her eyes to see her husband’s face pressed against hers. As she woke, she squeezed him and kissed him. The arrow tip fell from her breast and Maria’s heart became whole again. Lugh’s deep gash was sewn. In moments, they had both been healed.  Slowly, they looked around at the crowd who could only gasp and wonder. When Lugh and Maria stood, they were cheered on by every soul. When they kissed, rejoicing echoed throughout the great hall.

At that very moment, far beneath the ocean surface, the great Manannan looked down at his feet because they burst open his shoes. Tiny threads tore open as his muscles grew much too large for his tunic. But nothing was larger than his grin and the sunlit waves of happiness and inspiration. He rose from the depths of in Tír na nÓg, and appeared, riding waves foamy sea while his friends played beside him including the whale, dolphin and ocean doves. The sea people came to ask what had happened and when they discovered the details, the mermaids and mermen danced and sang and rode the waves in celebration of the news.

Somewhere in a dimension that is both part of our world and beyond, Danu touched the branch of a young tree and it blossomed. It was a small blossom, but one that could grow because the life force of the sapling had suddenly grown strong. She knew then that Lugh and the others brought renewal of life that would resonate in this and every dimension.
On the Upper Earth, a beautiful young woman named Anya, brushed away the dust from her knees and stood looking out to the sea. It was that time of day when the stars begin to shine through the sun’s colorful sunset. She sang the song of the evening

Allow me to lay upon you, earth mother
Allow me to walk through the doorway to your sky, father.
Allow me to heal in your waters grandfather ocean and drink from your plenty grandmother river
Allow me to follow you and learn from plant and animal brothers and sisters
How the river flows into the sea, how to replenish and feel alive
It is my honor to learn your divine proportion
It is my pride when your air gives us your life
It is my task to maintain balance

Anya continued in her prayer:
We who drink your water, mother, and who breath your air, father, are your children, learning to walk in the way of your divine proportion and imitate your love.

Our brothers and sisters on earth; trees and mountains, toad and bee, gentle lamb, great bear and soaring eagle – we tune to the rhythm of your heart beat and stand awake in your starlight. We hum to the sound of your waves as they meet the shore. We hold our place in love; the music of balance in this and every dimension.

And we wait for the sound to reach and know humankind, if it will fall upon ears that listen, to carry away disharmony of their invention and teach them to choose peace.