Prayer to Elven Goddess of Love; Anya

Prayer of Goddess Anya, Goddess of Love in the Celtic Pantheon: Breathing in your divine love, Anya. You who pours over my body and washes me with warm, sensuous kisses. I am quiet, so I can accept this gift. Here I can see your Light: Golden grace shining upon me. I open my eyes everything is now, this moment, this passion; this feeling of being human and being in this place between sleep and awake; this lavish, bountiful, munificent consciousness. In a balance of human and light, am I, standing in admiration. I balance tenuously, like a spider in her web, like a dancer on her toes, like a wave that catches the sunlight, in just this one infinitesimal moment of now; that space which is both infinite and yet does not exist. You are Love on Earth: the sky who cherishes me with her angelic clouds, the trees that hold me in their arms above and below, the mountain’s, reach, the glide of the hawk, the dance of the hummingbird, the starlight that nourishes each one and everyone on this earth, and the tender, knowing eyes of the one I love. It is Anya, the Elven goddess who is teaching me Love. I honor her, I let her be me and teach me to work this magic. Blessings.

The Magical Love of the Light Elven

Nature is Love; all of the Celtic Gods and Goddesses exist in the Druidic tradition of nature. Each animal, plant and breath are an expression of the divine and from whom we learn our place and presence as humans. This divine is yours - holding her arms out to you, kissing your lips tenderly. All that is required to find this love is to listen. Love - is the highest, most radiant of all human emotions is right before you -  in every flower, seed and ocean wave. If you listen. It is you who choose to see beyond the trapped up human world, and let her heaven exalt you. Elven World book series is about this Love and is expressed in a story just as we have always done in the ancient ways of Druidism. It is written for children ages 6-16 and especially for those who are learning the ways of magic love of the Light Elven and the Fae. Sign in at to receive a free copy to read to your children, for them to connect with the gods and goddesses of ancient Ireland. It is a gift from my heart to yours and to all who pass along this way. Enjoy.