Blessings from the Elven Masters: March 9, 2011

Blessings; May you feel the Elven song within, hear the voice who speak from your heart-space. We are Tuatha de Danann, the children of Nature and the stars, the love that made all. In the Druidic tradition of poetry adn song, we speak–T.E. Pelton, author Elven World mythologies The intensity of the Earth’s spinning is such a magnificent influence on our lives, there is no choice at this time but to attempt to communicate in words the unspeakable, to attempt to define the wave of physical and non physical in an eternal dance; the rapture of which poets sing. The movement of the Earth mother is a living force expression not separate from ourselves. Every pang upon the heart of your beloved is a pang upon your own heart, no matter how far away and no matter how small the beat. Birth and death come and flow within the river of all life where time is not; where past, present or future are not, where there is only an ocean of love-making between the physical and non physical worlds. This is why you feel deep passionate emotion for which there is no direct tangible or viewable source as humanity and animal kind suffers. Even as you feel the weight of these passions, know that in death we are all freed and that the only cause of fear is death. Yes, you are being compelled to put aside your heart/mind to make sacred each day’s experience, allowing the magical, the miraculous to enter your life.  Throw wide the gates to heaven and put yourself into the hands of energies and meaning beyond the ability of merely five sense to comprehend. We have no choice whether to see beauty in the eyes of humanity, passion in the volcanic explosion and the enlightenment of death.  We have no choice but to raise our eyes and feel the whispers of the bird in flight, and attune our bodies to the natural world from where we come and where we will return. In a swirl of love that created all the cosmos and our Earth; Love that assumes form as desired and communicates not across space but as a listening from within, being one with the communicator, receiver and the message. T.E. Locke, author of the Elven World mythologies, Elven World, Restoration of the Tuatha de Danann Kingdom and author of this blog, can be reached by posting a response, or by visiting our community at

Nature: How 3 White Heron Grace The Elven

Blessings; May you feel the Elven song within, hear the voice who speak from your heart space. We are Tuatha de Danann, the children of Nature and the stars. –T.E. Pelton A quick note to commemorate one of the most beautiful things I have seen lately, or even ever so far in my life: On the morning of 1.11.11 I walked out by the river under the San Gabriel mountains where I saw 3 great white heron sitting at the top of the tree, taking in the expanse with their vivid curiosity and divine wisdom. They were so mesmerizing I stopped for a long while just to drink in their beauty. I felt the their golden light fill me with radiance, compassion; My heart opened. Ah, One is becoming a new person moment by moment.

The Elven Way: How to Live With Humans: Growing

Blessings; May you feel the Elvensong within, dance to the rhythm of the sun and hear our voices who speak from your heart space. We are Tuatha de Danann, the children of Earth and the heavens.–T.E. Pelton Without darkness, there is no light. To see requires darkness to be present. To feel the contrast between darkness and light, is to be alive. When we choose experience, the flood of emotion will undoubtedly come. It is our consciousness that chooses to see that as divinely inspired; as growth, discovery and learning. Then we sing in harmony with Nature’s resonant sound. When we are hurt by words and actions, when we are hurt by stupidity, cruelty and lack of compassion we are like the tree that has bent her branches down to allow the children to climb her most easily, who then feels the pain of being cut into and abandoned. It is not possible for her to reach out and stay the hand that will cut her. The only way she could not feel is to be dead. It is the tree who continues to grow in grace, who repairs her wounds, and who continues to provide shade, that is divine beauty. When you admire her, you are asking for her protection from harm. You are asking for harmony for all living things. You are asking for peace. It is rarely possible to use the mind to comprehend the pain or even to discover the cause of it and stop it. But we can admire the divinity in it, we can admire the opportunity for life, for feeling itself. And we can anticipate joy. We know that unless the branch does fall, there is no joy in growing anew. And we can feel admiration for the child who hurt us; knowing in compassion, that his wounds may be deeper than our own. For those of us living the Elven Way, we know that life brings to us the vision of our own heart expressed in Nature. The flight of birds, opening of a flower, the rushing stream, the falling leaves, the explosions of fire, birth of a seed and the death of those we hold dear. All of these expressions and many more are speaking to us are guiding us and teaching us. To this, we listen. Blessings Thank you JP for your friendship and soft guidance.

Elven: Blessing for Aine (Anya) Goddess of Love

Elven prayer to Aine the Goddess of Love–T.E. Pelton Let you touch the crown Of my children's head So they will grow strong Your magic dust Cover my lips To attract my lover's kiss Stay the hand of he who fells the trees Let him discover A way he can work within your fair garden Steady the hand Of one who plants seed Near his home and in the fields Let the sound of your ecstasy Fill the void to the corners of the Earth Let the pink rose blossom The fruit ripen on the tree Ready for me to taste you Feed the water of my soul's delight Be in every budding flower Touch me with the wisdom Of every morning's dew Oh come into my world Fill me with the essence of your love I will join you In each budding flower Lifting my face to the sunlight Falling softly upon my sweet skin Opening for more

FaerieWorlds, 2010 Through My Eyes

Tribal. Rhythmic. Living Art.  Faerieworlds is an experience in modern myth-making, magic and ceremony created spontaneously­. It is living art in color, song, costume and dance. The vibration of the space created at Mount Pisgah in Eugene Oregon for Faerieworlds, is formed with lights that bless the circle, establishing the sacred space before the ceremonies begin.   A stage with enormous wings goes up, waiting for the artists who grace it with sounds in a style resonant with otherworldliness, rich with elements of earth, air, fire and water expressed through Celtic drum, harp, cello and long trance notes sung by women with sinewy voices. While many of the visitors and vendors are visiting from Renaissance or middle ages festivals, the vibration here is mythical. The magic you find here is not slight of hand, but a tentative step toward real magic, a space that is being reborn purely from common memory, from heart.  One that is much, much older and shamanistic. Costumes are professionally done with care to every intricate detail, any one of these designs being the product of talented artists, imagination and abandon. Winged creations in bright flowing colors, belly jewels and body paint, they express the visions of the faery that come to us, shimmering, ethereal, other worldly.  Watching them dance in the faerie circles, and parade through the walking “streets” is watching living, breathing art. It is mind-blowing to see this creation, this art form take place before your eyes engaging your participation. The line between the artist and the audience fades and we all become the art itself–expressing to the divine source, our message of appreciation and delight.  At one point, dancers whose belts are harnessed in the trees, float down among us in their sparkling, sinewy expression, reminding us that magic is right here all the time; it is you who open to its perception. The most common words you hear spoken here at Faerieworlds are: “amazing”, “wonderful”, “love”, “heart.”   The air contains more than oxygen, it sparkles and holds faeriedust that makes everyone mellow and relaxed, respectful of all life, each other and the universe.  I am enjoying my friends many of who have been named for the natural world or to honor their totem animals such as: Sparrow, Raven and Rain. A friend of mine, Spring, has been taking photos of Faerieworlds for many years, (I’m hoping she’ll post them up on soon!). She captures the space in the lens right at dusk, when the light of the camera and the light of the sun are in such a way to show the faeries to our human eyes; which has been called the time when the “veil between the world is thin.”  Her photos show tens of thousands of “faerie orbs”: white or gently colored orbs that look like bubbles fill the air, rising up from the stage and gently floating and sparkling all around the place. If you believe in faeries now, this place is as close as you’ll get to “home” that exists on Earth.  If you weren’t sure about the faeries before this experience, no one will convince you, only welcome you into our world to participate in this spontaneous praise to the gods and goddesses of the Earth.

Undoubtedly, as you dance into the wee hours of the morning with tribal drums playing as you watch the sun rise, you too will know what it feels like to have been with the faery and my guess is, you too, will keep this precious experience close to your heart, as a source of inspiration, a feeling of intense community and love that you can hold in your totems, art, jewels or crafts you take home with you, keeping you close to the faery all year long, until at last, it is time for Faerieworlds again.  See you there!

Elven World, Elven Song: Blessing of the Redwood Forest

Blessings. May you feel the Elven spirit within you, the magical infinite space of divinity and from which all that appears to be, takes form. My forest trees beckon me with wisdom. This song honors all forests and trees on our great planet.- T.E. Pelton, Elven World Mythologies Elvensong Blessing for the Trees My forest trees embrace me with peace. Grand, grace and power; Of a kind mortals have never known. You stand among us; Our silent teachers, Our patient guides, Our protectors. You can wait, Chanting your wind song, Dancing with the sun’s rays. You, your branches make my cathedral; My sublime temple, My sacred place. Your leaves above and roots below, Meet the arrangement Of my blood flow Your gentle swaying Cools the rhythms my heart. Your sweet smell fills my throat, Nestling in comfort, holiness And the ability to soar above Those who crawl and crouch upon your floor, Unable to comprehend what it means to kiss the sky. Every mote of me, Is breathing in Your life. Every breath of you Nourishes the whole of me. Oh, how I relish it, Oh, how I rejoice in you! You open me. In your presence I am complete. Oh, blessed be!

Elven World Message: Oil Spill, Effective Micro-organisms

Blessings. May you feel the Elven Spirit within you, the magical infinite space of divinity from which all that appears to be, takes form.–T.E. Pelton, Elven World Mythologies Here is the message sent to me from James, from EM Earth who provides effective biological organisms (enzymes) for use in cleaning waterways, pools, etc (mentioned in last post). Please understand that he nor I are attempting to sound off as experts, I am simply tracing  for anyone who may be interested, my small experience trying to understand for myself, what can be done to help, where to put my efforts.  Thank you. "Yes, the 'rhodosuedomonas' microbes contained in Effective Microorganisms do consume the hydrocarbons in oil crude, which transforms the sludge into a benign fish food for natural remediation. Unfortunately, the very toxic dispersants being injected into the crude, Correctex, is preventing the naturally-occuring microbes in the sea from doing their handiwork of bio-remediation. This is just another example of "suppressive technologies" making a bad situation worse...I am reminded of Chief Seattle's statement that "The Earth was not created to serve man. Man was created to serve the Earth". We are intended to be the "caretakers" of this beautiful planet, rather than the "exploiters" of these delicate balances put in place by the Creator. "When we learn to partner with the natural ecosystems, we are learning to partner with the wisdom of the Creator. A simple paradigm shift of "coprosperity" is needed in our relations with this paradise planet called "Earth". Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All, James" I am searching to discover more information on this., at least I can be informed, hopefully this is helpful in some way.
"Bird in Flight" Ernst Haas

Elven Message: Effective Biological Enzymes, Oil Spill

For those of you who read my last post: Elven Message; Oil Spill and Effective Biological Organisms or enzymes, I thought you might like to see some links to discover more about this subject. Please understand, I am not an expert on this, although I would LOVE to know one. Here goes: Book By Richard Burns and Rich D. ENZYMES IN THE ENVIRONMENT Microbial Biodegradation - Wikipedia Effective Microorganisms (on a smaller scale, easier for layman to understand) I am hoping to receive more information and contacts on this subject and to be of assistance in communicating about this technology to the world.
from, Nature Photos

Oil Spill: Elven Message & Blessing

Blessings and compassion from the Elven for all things great and small... Moments ago we received word Captain William Kruse, unable to clean the BP oil spill and despondent, committed suicide. If you don't already know this, effective biological organisms would clean the spill.  It is undoubtedly known about by BP, financial and environmental institutions to one degree or another.  Whatever the reason it is not in use: confusion, resistance, lack of infrastructure - it can be solved  - maybe not in a minute - but reaching for this solution it can usher in new methods urgently needed.  Biological organisms (enzymes) is not a well established technology for this purpose but has been used and can be developed. Humans during crisis, especially, can be very confused, traumatized, stuck into scarcity, disorganized and dispersed.  There is a lack of infrastructure to deal with the spill and many other issues.  Knowing and concentrating on how "they" (whomever "they" are) in BP only care about their PR, or are greedy may well be true - on one level.  But the majority of people working for BP are not evil. I know it is not easy to hear this, but our answer lies in our Compassion. What will get more results (and may be the only thing that gets results) is to focus on the individuals who comprise BP and accept them: wanting to do the right thing, trying to organize and plan real environmental solutions.  However small this desire may seem right now, your attention will make it grow. Yes, I know this seems the exact opposite of what we should do. Remember that complete intolerance is the South end of the same stick of which Compassion is the Northern end. Without intolerance of the situation, you could not have the compassion needed to reach out and make a change, physically or metaphysically. (Both intolerance and compassion must exist to solve this issue.) The intolerance for lack of change is very great now and won't let up until Change happens. So what can we do this moment? We can envision what we want to occur: Actual individuals with real lives and real connections, taking up a real solutions such as effective microorganisms. Then we take that image of solution through the annals of anger, hate and resistance, confusion and lack of organization, envisioning points of sanity on the line where it can take hold....We can hold our attention on the solution for a minute. And hopefully one minute is about how long it took you to read this. We are able to produce energy: with our minds, but more, with our hearts.  This condensed energy becomes a manifestation. Its not easy to do this kind of work but it is the work that is needed, proven to create a result and we CAN DO IT. "At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want" - Lao Tzu Elven World is available on