Elven World: How to Live with Humans: Reflections

Blessings. May you feel the Elven spirit within you, the magical infinite space of divinity and from which all that appears to be, takes form.

Humans are strange creatures, indeed.

For example, it often appears that humans are base or mean or, most of all, insensitive. How else it can be that humans do not see their heavy foot upon the Earth, their foul breath into the air, and the sorrow from their cruel words or painful deeds?

If seems impossible that these things could be done without malice.

Even more so, when you see the angry faces stewing in frustration. What is happening to the heart of a human in that instance?

What is happening in the heart of a woman who leaves her lover for another? What goes on in the heart of one who cheats a friend? The child who bullies?  Or the man who rapes the Earth for money?

It seems each has the soul of a monster. So it seems, and so we may respond as if it is.

Except in that moment– all of our magic is twisted, in response. It pulls our power from us; weighs us down.

What if each picture before us were a reflection of our own fears? Our own heartbreak? Our own anger or frustration? What if these humans sing  the sound or song or tone that we feel inside? What then?

Could we then change the world from within, by our own song?

What if humans have put on a cover-up all these centuries? What if they are acting they are tough, firm and even cruel, when in fact they are pliable and able to bend to our whisper?

Well then, how did it all begin, you ask? It must be their fault. I did not ask for humans to blacken the Earth, the sea and to stop listening to the Earth’s own rhythm, or feeling their own soul’s connection.

Yet, that was not how it all began. And if you remember: it was we who walked away. It was we, who left the Earth and traveled to the dimensions beyond. It was we who looked upon them as lesser and unwise.

You do not say the eagle is unwise for plucking its own wings so they will grow back again, stronger. You do not blame and lion for killing the antelope. You do not hate the spider for its web. Instead, we see each as a expression of divine.

Perhaps when we open our hearts to humankind they will, one by one, fold within the palm of our love.

One by one we can see them as expressions, on some level, of the divine. See the divine in them, see their beauty, instead of ugliness.

What would happen then?

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How to Live with Humans; Tender Distraction

Blessings. May you feel the Elven spirit within you, the magical infinite space of divinity and from which all that appears to be, takes form.

So I’m sitting at dinner party and this lady is going on (and on) saying things like “I don’t want to complain but…” explaining that her co-worker is driving her nuts. Details are flying off her head looking like backward snowflakes (they fall upwards!) because I am not listening, just watching this strange energy pattern.

Beneath her disharmony is an intense reaching; searching, grasping for something. Solace, I believe.

Sometime humans (or the human aspect of ourselves) will become stuck in their minds; stuck in their heads: momentarily or, sadly, for some long periods; even a lifetime.

These humans can churn negative thoughts and feelings like butter (on and on).

Light distraction will change the subject for your benefit, sure, but will also pull the person out of the automatic reaction and do him good.

Remember to be gentle otherwise they end up more upset and will possibly scream, cry, blame you, become violent unexpectedly or shock you. Remember that, you mischievous ones, be tender with humankind!

You want to achieve a gentle surprise that pops them out of their minds: an unexpected motion, perhaps something funny, to distract.

Get them to notice something in Nature, something funny on YouTube, interesting facts or compliment them, or just be sparkling and entertaining yourself so they will focus on your instead of what is in their head.

All humans like things that sparkle and it is good for them, too.

This also works on yourself if you are half-human: you can try controlling your “over-intellect” with a tender distraction.