Scota, Tuatha de Danann, Invocation for Our Times

Scota  is the Tuatha de Danann Goddess of passion, positive magic; she who can slip through the surface of things and restore balanceElven World, T.E. Pelton Scota: An Invocation for Our Times I call upon Scota in these times when we are looking for the way These times when we are asking for peace and end to suffering      To carry away the mind of fear, judgment, trauma, perceptions of the past As leaves that fall and blow, as lifting a burden of material world I call upon Scota for the energy of the heart that changes the past, That heals the sick and lost and for whom she gives Sight to any student asking to know from the heart I ask Scota for the chance to change the darkness to light within my heart To find the way to love by any means She who I call to see love, to walk the path of love By which beats the wisdom of now. My heart sings the same song as the sun Sounds the same vibration as the moon I call Scota who walks the path of the wolf Who waits, silent and hungry Who dances in the water of the rivers Who flies above the cool of the mountain top Who designs this universe in perfect form and geometry I ask you teach me to turn in the way of the heart The way of light And in my view to see kindred instead of loneliness To see abundance without lack To see perfection in every movement of the grain as she stands Swaying in the wind And from this place, outside of the slavery to this dimension, I am not alone but watching I am not rejected but unheard I am not ignored but beyond the ability of mind to perceive From here in your way, I can also learn The changing mind to heart, hate to love, ignorance to compassion And lies to truth. Blessings      

Prayer to Elven Goddess of Love; Anya

Prayer of Goddess Anya, Goddess of Love in the Celtic Pantheon: Breathing in your divine love, Anya. You who pours over my body and washes me with warm, sensuous kisses. I am quiet, so I can accept this gift. Here I can see your Light: Golden grace shining upon me. I open my eyes everything is now, this moment, this passion; this feeling of being human and being in this place between sleep and awake; this lavish, bountiful, munificent consciousness. In a balance of human and light, am I, standing in admiration. I balance tenuously, like a spider in her web, like a dancer on her toes, like a wave that catches the sunlight, in just this one infinitesimal moment of now; that space which is both infinite and yet does not exist. You are Love on Earth: the sky who cherishes me with her angelic clouds, the trees that hold me in their arms above and below, the mountain’s, reach, the glide of the hawk, the dance of the hummingbird, the starlight that nourishes each one and everyone on this earth, and the tender, knowing eyes of the one I love. It is Anya, the Elven goddess who is teaching me Love. I honor her, I let her be me and teach me to work this magic. Blessings.

Rapture, ecstasy Elven Song 5/11/11

Rapture means the joy of ecstasy, an expression of ecstatic delight. Yes, it seems this moment has begun. It can be understood by us in its true meaning: The golden rapture, filling the vessel of the soul with absolute delight. It is breathtaking. Let us allow it within and allow the outpouring to fall and flow into rivers and streams across our planet.

Elven Song May 2011: We are Vulnerable in Love

In the tradition of the ancient Celtic ways of Druidism, we listen with our hearts to hear the sound of nature. Her music lifts us. In the human world, we try to be heard knowing we are vulnerable, just as all Nature, to go unheard. And yet we speak for those who do listen. To restore your Magic and Power: return to the springs of this alignment with nature, restore respect for the balance and adorn yourself with sweet water that runs through you and the Earth herself. Ride the waves in ecstatic wonder, let the wind and mist sweep across your skin. Allow each moment of your awareness to bring the shimmering golden balance to all that is within and without. It is You who are the gentle, divine arms of nature that embrace, nurture and part the branches and let in the cascading sun.

Elven World: You are not alone

Poem in the Druidic tradition: restore your power after rejection No matter what you Think Is wrong with you It's not. No matter how many times You are rejected or feel alone You are not. You are whole. Breathe in the magic: nature, alive and conscious, surrounds you. Only you decide to see this Golden flitter that alights And fills your eyes with wonder. That is your connection and your power. Beyond words

Blessings from the Elven Masters: March 9, 2011

Blessings; May you feel the Elven song within, hear the voice who speak from your heart-space. We are Tuatha de Danann, the children of Nature and the stars, the love that made all. In the Druidic tradition of poetry adn song, we speak–T.E. Pelton, author Elven World mythologies The intensity of the Earth’s spinning is such a magnificent influence on our lives, there is no choice at this time but to attempt to communicate in words the unspeakable, to attempt to define the wave of physical and non physical in an eternal dance; the rapture of which poets sing. The movement of the Earth mother is a living force expression not separate from ourselves. Every pang upon the heart of your beloved is a pang upon your own heart, no matter how far away and no matter how small the beat. Birth and death come and flow within the river of all life where time is not; where past, present or future are not, where there is only an ocean of love-making between the physical and non physical worlds. This is why you feel deep passionate emotion for which there is no direct tangible or viewable source as humanity and animal kind suffers. Even as you feel the weight of these passions, know that in death we are all freed and that the only cause of fear is death. Yes, you are being compelled to put aside your heart/mind to make sacred each day’s experience, allowing the magical, the miraculous to enter your life.  Throw wide the gates to heaven and put yourself into the hands of energies and meaning beyond the ability of merely five sense to comprehend. We have no choice whether to see beauty in the eyes of humanity, passion in the volcanic explosion and the enlightenment of death.  We have no choice but to raise our eyes and feel the whispers of the bird in flight, and attune our bodies to the natural world from where we come and where we will return. In a swirl of love that created all the cosmos and our Earth; Love that assumes form as desired and communicates not across space but as a listening from within, being one with the communicator, receiver and the message. T.E. Locke, author of the Elven World mythologies, Elven World, Restoration of the Tuatha de Danann Kingdom and author of this blog, can be reached by posting a response, or by visiting our community at

Elven World Blessing; Thankfulness for all that is Light, Bright and New (in my eyes)

YES!!! I throw up my arms and call to the sky. The past is not the present. I am here, now, living, loving, admiring with the eyes of the gods in that divine place between the heavens and the ardent, fiery center of the Earth. I see the white heron rising from the bush and appreciate her breath, strength, majesty and sense of adventure. I have vanquished the hideous; rendering the wicked unable because my sword of light is Love. I am learning to wield its power with ever-greater depth and fortitude; polishing it to shine and protect. I am joyful with a sense of belonging that comes from the best of humanity – that connection with friends who inspire and comfort in moments of quiet passion. This is the Golden Light of my Fellows – You! I have ended decades of suffering as enlightenment flows to me from within I am willing to kill the façade of truth to let the true light in which is known by her goodness. I am beyond the limit of my body, my name or personality or any boundaries of the third dimension, receiving guidance as Nature, as the Fae and Elven that imbue the inanimate with sparkling life energy and by every name which she is known. I who am One with all that is, was and will be, beyond time and space. I am touched throughout in an infinite ocean of light. YES!! Love, T.E. Pelton (Tara)

Elven World Blessing: True Compassion vs False Prophets

Blessings. May you find solace here, as I have, in the Elven World.–T.E. Pelton, Elven World Mythologies Some time ago many of you Light Elven may have seen the crop circle of, I believe it was 2008, with a message for us. It was decoded: "Beware of False Prophets." Why you ask, would the Elven Ascended Masters, or by whatever name you may know our counterparts beyond this dimension, want to ensure we understand these words? Because they do not want us to feel alone in the mire of pretense and those who call themselves prophets, yet do not abide by the truth they seek. No woman or man on this Earth should have to experience loneliness, love-less-ness.  A prophet or holy man who allows loneliness or lovelessness in his or her presence is false. No person, nor even an animal or plant of the smallest kind, should be treated this way.  Protect yourself, the Earth, animals and plants from unkindness whenever you possibly can. No heart should have to accept the loneliness of life without love or kindness. Like the Faery who come to us both as the blossoms of nature herself and as beings of such intense appreciation, those who love all things both great, but more importantly, but small are blessed already and send their blessing out to the world. Let that be you. We ask: Give me the strength to pray for those who have been harmed by the wicked, the disillusioned and the unkind themselves who know not what they do. Give me the strength to develop my Light Body in the human form to withstand these blows for the sake of my soul which is the soul of all-that-is.