Scota, Tuatha de Danann, Invocation for Our Times

Scota  is the Tuatha de Danann Goddess of passion, positive magic; she who can slip through the surface of things and restore balanceElven World, T.E. Pelton

Scota: An Invocation for Our Times

I call upon Scota in these times when we are looking for the way

These times when we are asking for peace and end to suffering     

To carry away the mind of fear, judgment, trauma, perceptions of the past

As leaves that fall and blow,

as lifting a burden of material world

I call upon Scota for the energy of the heart that changes the past,

That heals the sick and lost and for whom she gives

Sight to any student asking to know from the heart

I ask Scota for the chance to change the darkness to light within my heart

To find the way to love by any means

She who I call to see love, to walk the path of love

By which beats the wisdom of now.

My heart sings the same song as the sun

Sounds the same vibration as the moon

I call Scota who walks the path of the wolf

Who waits, silent and hungry

Who dances in the water of the rivers

Who flies above the cool of the mountain top

Who designs this universe in perfect form and geometry

I ask you teach me to turn in the way of the heart

The way of light

And in my view to see kindred instead of loneliness

To see abundance without lack

To see perfection in every movement of the grain as she stands

Swaying in the wind

And from this place, outside of the slavery to this dimension,

I am not alone but watching

I am not rejected but unheard

I am not ignored but beyond the ability of mind to perceive

From here in your way, I can also learn

The changing mind to heart, hate to love, ignorance to compassion

And lies to truth.