Elven World Blessing: Lugh, The Shining One

Blessings. May you feel the Elven spirit within you, the magical infinite space of divinity and from which all that appears to be, takes form.–T.E. Pelton We may call upon the Elven Gods and Goddesses, the Tuatha de Danann, Children of the Earth Mother, evolved souls. Today I call upon Lugh, the Shining One, for Courage, Discipline and Strength. Lugh, The Shining One: God of Courage, Discipline, Strength Strong and radiant, Lugh is the God of the Sun, master of all skills including carpentry, masonry, Druidry and poetry. He is a smith of precious metals and a doctor of healing. There are many memorable ancient tales of Lugh and his adventures.  Then, of course, there is Elven World: Restoration of the Tuatha de Danann Kingdom – the tale of Lugh returning to our Earth at this time.   He is the archetypal and quintessential hero of universal protection. We call in Lugh’s Name for the gathering of forces: wind, fire, water and earth to bless upon us now, the characteristics of strength, discipline and courage. I ask the universal forces to summon the power of the Great Spirit, Lugh, to my side in this moment and shed upon me his powerful light of courage, strength and discipline to guide me. Lugh, I call upon your strength Your powerful arms to lift me From rejection From grief that tries to swallow my heart Lift me and let me fly with you Soaring as we meet the Eagle, the Raven and the Hawk Lugh, I call upon you for courage To jump the wide canyon With faith the wind will lift us Courage to speak the words That are forbidden–and yet necessary Courage to give life to ideas Knowing they are blessed From a higher Source than myself. I ask for your guidance in discipline To know and follow the Way To press out through the briars and thorns Knowing I will reach the fine sweet meadow. For dedicated Practice to hone my skills To perfection And Pride that I have done so. Blessings .

Elven World Blessings: Message to Us Sept 16, 2010

Blessings. May you feel the Elven spirit within you, the magical infinite space of divinity and from which all that appears to be, takes form. I am not intending to translate messages from the Otherworld, I have been intending to write my next book, practice my singing do my daily work and chores and generally enjoy life all 'round.  But these messages are coming through - loudly. Waking me up in the night, demanding I write down these words for you.  I realize it could be more eloquent. I realize it could be in a better or perhaps more aesthetic form.  But there is a sense of urgency to these messages, an insistence that they are delivered n o w, not next year when books are published or even tomorrow. If you believe in the faery, the elven, the higher masters, those from other dimensions who travel to ours to help, or guide or even play, listen to these words. Some people may see or even hear the people of other dimensions, some may not.  But the message put into words, as I have translated for you here, is hard to miss. And I am sure it is being given for a reason, a true need.   Blessings on this powerful day - T.E. Pelton Message: It is requested for crystal light beings, those of the Elven way and others who do understand, to channel light energy as much as possible at this time. It is requested that to provide blessings to help turn Earth energies to the positive and move the planet into a higher more peaceful, harmonious state. "Do not wait or ask for money or even do it apart from everyday living. We ask you to find consciously each day five people upon whom you may shed this blessing of love and infinite tranquility. Go to them, put your hand upon them as a method to channel; or if you cannot touch them physically, locate their unique vibration by any means possible or known to you. Yes, it helps to breathe, envision, sing and other techniques. But mostly it helps to listen. Just listen. Once you have connected, shed light. You will not be devoid of light then or have light taken from you but instead you will be blessed and receive more supreme light channeled through you. Go ahead and do it. You are also artists, so you may easily make connection there- this is purpose of art in the new age - to channel the great wisdom. You are not required to heal although people will be healed. You are not required to chant, although you may do so if it pleases you.It is not necessary to provide a title, or name to it. We ask you to take the hand to send the light - Just begin, you will see."

Elven Way : Joyfulness in Life's Simplicity

Life is simple. It is waking each day with appreciation, sweeping your home, caring for your animals, growing your plants, washing, and working in your personal, chosen profession; a place where you feel competent, where you become more competent with each day. It is greeting your friends and conversations about the world's phenomenon. It is honoring your parents, and helping them and so, so much learning, learning, learning! The world is so large and full, with so much to discover and more to admire. Life is doing all you can to care for your children and giving them the best life possible for the advancement of your name and our world at large.  And life is sleep, wherein we may experience intense solace, wisdom and connection with our Earth, the stars and dimensions beyond.  Each thought in this motion of a day, each moment of appreciation, listening, smile and conversations—this, is the whirling dance, the delicious taste, the passionate song that is life.

Elven Blessing: Message from the Ascended Masters

Now is the time for you, which is we, for all of us to be in the direction of peace and the spread this message out to the world in every possible form. We have sent many messengers, some who were able to reach into the world, though often their messages have been adulterated. This is why, at this time, we are communicating directly to each of you on a multi-dimension level– communicating directly–as your ancestors have done in the past. This is a communication directly to you at a spiritual level, or in your words, telepathically. Whatever helps you to focus on this message, or better said, to align with this message is good.  What is helpful to many to hear our song for you, is to be in harmony with Nature, to listen to your body’s messages and to speak from the heart.  This sound and vibration can be put into many packages. It can be a blessing, put into song. It can be the dance that you do each morning upon awakening. It can be the watering of your plants, feeding of your animals, washing of your body and clothes. It can be the voice that speaks to your children in solace, it is the sound of the silence as you drink water to cool and soothe you. It is the song of the children who are new, it is the song of the dying because they are so close to the light. There is not some evil in the world that we are trying to prevent, although there is a vibration that seeks to do harm. Our best and only defense is the mind itself–the teaching of the mind to stand and listen to guidance radiating upon you. The truth is you cannot help but listen it is your natural state of being at all times.  So in a way you can say it is you are listening to yourself, we are not separate from you, we are the Ascended Masters which are you, here , now in this moment, in this wondrous song of life. Blessings on this day Sept 4, 2010
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