How the Elven Communicate: An Excerpt from "The Akashic Experience" by Ervin Laszlo

How to the Elven communicate with us? Is a question I am often asked. Elven World is an artistic expression of the answer, as well as Elven Blessings. But I thought you would be interested in the scientific explanation, from Ervin Laszlo who is a leading edge thinker of our day. His book, "The Akhasic Experience" is about the comic energy field that can transmit information to people without having to go through the senses. Experiments with the Akashic field are now validated and supported by evidence from most advanced sciences. These experiments show there is a cosmic memory field that contains all information – past, present and future. This field contains all thought that has ever been thought as well as all potential thought; all manifestation and potential manifestation. Many people are having connections to the "Akashic field" and making connections and experiencing them with greater frequency, particularly now as the human consciousness evolves rapidly. The following is a very brief excerpt from "The Akashic Experience" by Ervin Laslo. “Other people's holograms can also be accessed, especially if they are physically related, as identical twins, or emotionally close, as lovers and friends. When the brain of one person enters into phase-conjugate resonance with the quantum hologram of another's brain, he or she can intuit some elements or aspects of that person's consciousness. (We should note that such intuitions do not necessarily reach conscious awareness: as with all elements of human experience, they can be ignored or repressed.) “Experiments testify that several people can communicate through the Akashic field at the same time. When the brain of one person enters into space conjugate resonance with the brain of another, a subtle nonlocal form of mutation is created between them. This can't embrace an entire group of people, creating what Bache calls the group mind. Then the members of the group may report the kind of experiences Bache as noted above: shared dreams, common hunches, related insights. “Conscious intention can make spontaneous communication between individuals produce specific effects. For example, some natural healers heal from a distance by sending what they call “healing energy" to their patients. In these cases we can assume that the healer's brain was able to enter a relation of quantum resonance with the brain and body of the healee. “The effectiveness of remote healing has been analyzed in statistical studies involving hundreds of cases and has been established beyond reasonable doubt. In turn, the physical basis of the healing process has been tested by measuring the electrical activity of the brain of both healer and healee... the EEG waves appearing in the brain of the healer are reproduced with a delay of a few seconds in the brain of the healee. These patterns occur in the lower regions of the EEG spectrum: in the alpha or even the delta region since these regions show activity only in deep sleep or in hiding relaxed meditative states, it appears that the human brain enters into a phase-conjugate quantum resonance almost readily when it is in a deeply altered state. “When two or more persons have a close rapport with each other, their brains resonate more often and more thoroughly. And parapsychology laboratories test subjects are often asked to interact before the experiment to create and empathetic connection with each other. Then one subject is subjected to some form of stimulation --- exposed to flashes of light or too weak electric shocks --- and the other is not. Yet the pattern of brain activity triggered by the stimulation shows up in the EEG not only of the stimulated subject but also of the other person, even when the latter is beyond the range of sensory contact. Love and profound good will increase the frequency and depth of the entanglement. Jointly entering deep meditation works well. In experiments conducted by Dr. Montecucco --- experiments witnessed by this writer --- 12 persons in deep meditation and without sensory contact achieved more than 90% synchronization of their EEG waves. “Nonlocal communication has been tested by functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) as well. In a landmark experiment carried out by Jean Achterberg and colleagues in Hawaii, 11 healers chose persons with whom they felt an empathetic connection. Each recipient was placed in an MRI scanner isolated from sensory contact with the healer. The healers sent energy, prayer, or good intentions --- so-called distance intentionality --- at intervals that were random and unknown to the recipients. Significant differences were found between the “send” and “no send" (control) in the activity of the various parts of the recipients’ brain --- namely in the anterior and middle cingulate areas, precuneus, and the frontal areas. The probability that this correlation between healer input and brain function would have come about purely by chance was calculated as one in 10,000.” Excerpted from “The Akashic Experience” by Ervin Laszlo

Elven Song Blessing for John R.

John, your name means Blessed One––and you are. There is a deep sense of learning in your vibration coming from your intense desire to take from this life all the wisdom you can – like a humming bird suckling the sweet flowers. The passion with which you approach life is more than just the pain you feel It is our eyes, ears, soul and we thank you with abundant open heart embracing all-ness of spirit and thank you oh, Blessed One for your experience that is shedding light and wisdom upon this Earth and the planets and the universe. It is not necessary to understand the “reasons” in “mind” for all of this. It is not necessary to sign a name to it. It is not necessary to call it by a title. For you see, the Eagle does not give itself a name nor does the wolf, nor the flower or the sky, sea, rain or river. The act of you being here is enough to fill us with abundant joyfulness just knowing you. Just watching you in your curiosity for all things new and fresh; watching through your eyes as you look out over the valleys, as you breathe in meditation deep. All is well. Teach others by your presence, by your overflowing love. Your vibration, your Elven Song is unique, valuable and heard by us. Thank you. Until we meet again.... If you would like to receive a blessing from the Elven, please contact TE Locke at Discover the legend in you. - elvenworld

Message from my Ancestors: In the Celtic Elven Tradition

The Elven Bless me while I sleep. And surrounding me are my immediate ancestors, watching over me, in the way of my people, in the Celtic tradition. While I sleep they look down on me and comfort me. Holding me in a cradle almost of their celestial hands, my grandmother’s face nears mine for a kiss. Each night they protect and guide me and thank me for my eyes that give me eyes to see the flowers, the sky, the animals and the faces of those I love. These are the angels that surrounds us in every moment. The light ones who are there always, who you can hear in the night when the veils between worlds are thin and who wish nothing of you except to care for you like a new born. These are our ancestors who protect and defend us, silently love us, just as we keep our seedlings and allow them to grow. Here we are always safe, always cared for and infinitely loved. Imagine that today our immediate ancestors are those who lived not so long ago; in times near when Count Basie played and the Empire State Building and Hoover’s Damn were built, these times not too far back in the memory of our modern culture. Looking farther back into the past not too long ago with covered wagons and barns lit with excitement of the music on Saturday nights and filled with mewing cats and mooing cows in the daytime. Lifetimes of hardship and pain fade away like any other memory that is lost in a pool of suffering, only those memories worth remembering seem to stay. Memories of beautiful days looking out over the bright green meadow watching white horses, so bright and fast it seems as if they will take to flight, days when I caught the eyes of a man; eyes so blue they were crystals. Yes, days when each moment is alive with light and sounds and color. These are the times worth remembering. And if you I look around, these days are here today. It is purely my perception that makes them so luscious and rich and free. My ancestors tell me to be at peace: hold me and love me soothing away any worries and telling me I have their protection so I can simply be: see that they may see and taste as they may taste, touch as they will express their love and fill my lungs with air as they may feel the breath of living, the color of each flower tip. Existing in a place of peace they are with me part of us and sending each of us forward to taste life’s adventure’s and yet never to feel alone. Blessings on this day of April 14, 2010